Affiliate Courses

Reynolds, Andy Friend-Smith

The CDMT Affiliates listed below are committed to working with us—through ongoing participation and annual monitoring—to develop the highest standards in their
Performing Arts Courses and Access to Professional Training Courses. 
If you are interested in applying for an Affiliate Course  you are advised to look at the programme’s aims, visit the provider's website and thoroughly research the prospectus, where available, to confirm that the objectives and typical graduate destinations match your aspirations.

CDMT Affiliate Performing Arts Courses:

affiliate performing arts training courseThese courses vary in content, purpose, style and qualifications offered. Each course listed below is unique and has its own curriculum specifically tailored to meet 
the needs of the course objectives. 

CDMT Affiliate Access to Professional Training courses:  
affiliate access to professional training course
CDMT quality assures one-year full-time courses which prepare young people for professional training in the performing arts.
These courses must evidence that at least 75% of graduates (averaged over previous three years) have been offered a place at a CDMT Accredited School, or an other institution recognised by the CDMT, for further professional training.